I really like you, ykno? I really do. But, I’m just too scared to try. Too little, to be notice by you :< What I’m trying to say is that, I LIKE YOU but I can’t, because you deserve someone better. Someone who’s not as dumbass or stupid as myself, okay? But if the universe will allow, just let it be me :)

Kosa daw? Hahaha! Hayaan niyo na ako friends, madrama na tlga ako lately :( Huhu!

10 signs of Love




10 signs of Love 

These signs perfectly describes someone I know ><  


shit shit shit shit…………………………..;

9&10 omg

She noticed it, and here I am quite bothered with what have I’ve done. I’m just scared, okay? :( 

RF: I seldom get jealous

 but when I do, you must be freaking special :’)

You’re the reason why I’m happy right now. Thank you :’)